Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Plans

as i mentioned in my previous post, i am now home for christmas and am busy sorting out things to do during my christmas break! here are a few things i have planned -

  • Work - i currently work in a local deli as a seasonal sales assistant, and so am hoping to spend quite a bit of time working there during my break, as i really do enjoy it, and also to save up a bit of money to see me through semester 2. 
  • Relax - although i certainly don't spend all of my time working at uni, i really haven't had the chance to lie back and really do nothing for days on end - there was always something to do, be it laundry, work, tidying up or going into town. so i plan on spending a significant proportion of my time sitting back and enjoying the emptiness of my schedule.
  • Shop - what doing my own laundry has taught me is that i need more clothes, in order to be able to avoid putting loads through as often as i can. this being london, i have a plethora of charity shops to investigate, as well as the january sales to look forward to. i also need to stock up on some more clinical clothes, as i only have a couple shirts and trousers at the moment.
  • Catching up - i have missed my friends back home so much whilst i've been away! i am by far the furthest north of all us when it comes to uni, so i am going to spend lots of time with them before i go back, so hopefully i won't miss them as much as i did this semester.
  • Baking - i really really really love baking, however, in my halls, we only have 3 kitchens between 250 people, and the ovens aren't very good, so i haven't had the chance to bake in a long time. so i'm going to go crazy with the baking, to tide me over until i next go home.

i hope you guys have a lovely christmas as well, and do let me know if you have any exciting plans as i'd love to hear about them!

Eliza xxx

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