Saturday, 8 December 2012

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

i've always loved christmas. i'm religious, so the real meaning behind christmas has always played a role in my life, but beyond that i also adore the idea of spending quality time together with the people you love, to give and receive fun things. oh, and not to forget all the yummy food and drink you get to consume without a shred of guilt!

this year, something about the combination of moving away from home, not seeing my family or old school friends for almost 4 whole months, and having my own living space to control, has seen my christmas spirit skyrocket! i've decorated my room, sung christmas carols, worn christmas jumpers, taken part in a secret santa, and have eaten christmas dinners already!

this year my colour theme for my decorations is blue and silver - i have silver tinsel and baubles hanging up, with a box of glittery blue reindeer ornaments hanging over my bed, and a big blue and silver glitter reindeer on my windowsill, who i have named Steve (because Rudolph is just too mainstream for Steve). i used to have a tinsel heart stuck on my door, but it fell down and i just took it down because i couldn't be bothered to fix it :P

so far i've eaten 2 christmas dinners - one with my archery club, and one with my hall of residence! i had my first mince pie of the season a few weeks ago, but haven't had one since as it just made me sad because i started thinking about how my family would be making mince meat, and my mum would turn them into yummy mince pies.

i do hope my christmas spirit lasts until christmas day, because it had been so much fun up till now!

what have you been up to, to get into the christmas spirit?

Eliza xxx

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