Friday, 2 November 2012

5 Things That Grind My Gears During Lectures

forgive me, for i am about to have a bit of a moan...

People who chat during the whole lecture
i'm not talking a mumble to your neighbour if you don't understand something, i'm talking about a full blown conversation right the way through. What's the point of coming to the lecture if you aren't going to listen, and why do you think it's okay to stop others being able to listen to the lecturer? i don't want to know what hijinks you were up to last night when i'm trying to learn anatomy!

People with really bright computer screens
unlike many people, i don't mind the sound of people typing in a lecture theatre, despite me sticking to writing notes by hand and then typing them up. however, it can be both painful to my eyes (and my hangover!) and a great distraction if i'm sitting behind somebody with their screen brightness as high as it can go. every little move you do catches my eye, it's really hard to ignore!

When I don't have the lecture slides printed out
now, this is a little gripe at myself. normally, i'll print out everything i need for the week on sunday evening, and file it away, ready to be used in the coming week. sometimes however, i do forget, and then i'm left in the lecture theatre frantically trying to write down everything because i can't just annotate the slides. this makes for a painful hand and a confuzzled mind!

People who bring in smelly food
it's not that i hate the smell, and it's not even that it breaks the rule of no food - i don't like it because it makes me really hungry too! if somebody sits next to me with a bacon sandwich or a cup of coffee, and that smell wafts over to me, you can bet my stomach will be growling for the rest of the lecture, and i will have to go and buy something to eat between lectures! of course, i don't blame them for eating yummy food, i blame myself for being so open to suggestion :)

When its a lovely day outside
i can see outside when i'm sitting in the lecture theatre, and as i'm sure you know, lovely days are few and far between in scotland! so, when its a lovely sunny day, with clear blue skies and maybe some crisp frost on the grass, as much as i love my course and its content, i really want to get out and go for a walk to take advantage of the weather!

see, that wasn't so bad was it? :P

until next time,

Eliza xxx 

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