Tuesday, 6 November 2012

A Week in the Life of a First Year Medical Student - Tuesday

hey y'all, big day today - presidential election! anyways, on we go with my day.

7:30am - woke up, got washed and dressed - casual clothes since i only had lectures today.

had a bit of a flick through the lecture notes just to see what i'd be doing.

8:00am - went and had breakfast. thought i'd change it up a bit and had banana and nutella on toast (not that you really needed or wanted to know that!)

9:00am - first lecture of the day begins, on cell physiology. basically the same material from A2 biology, with a couple of more complex ideas thrown in - interesting enough, but not really my favourite topic.

10:00am - headed over to the student study area with a coffee, and studied for a couple hours on my own, to catch up and review the topics we covered last week. i find it easier to study at the med school than in my room in halls as there are fewer distractions, and its nice to get out of the place whenever i can!

12:30pm - finished studying, went and had lunch. pizza today! yumyumyum

3:00pm - second and final lecture of the day, on embryology, continuing where we left off yesterday. everything is brand new to us, which makes for a nice change from the cell biology lectures.

4:00pm - watched an episode of grey's anatomy (yes, i am addicted!), caught up on my emails and browsed the internet for a while - procrastination is an evil beast

5:30pm - had dinner - toad in the hole with mash and veg (although my hall's idea of nice toad in the hole is not the same as my idea of nice toad in the hole!) and caught up on the daily gossip with friends.

7:00pm - studying again - mainly typing up notes from last week, but i'm also working on a list of points to revise from when exam time comes around at the end of the semester, so i'll add to that a bit as well i think.

10:00pm - episode of grey's and then bed (ohhh what an exciting life i lead)

today was a strangely relaxed day - usually tuesday is pretty rushed, but i welcomed the change anyway :)

until tomorrow,

Eliza xxx

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