Sunday, 11 November 2012

A Week in the Life of a First Year Medical Student - Sunday

so here we have it - the last day of my week! i'm almost going to miss having to write a chronicle of my day next week :) although there's always 5 more years for being able to do this!

8:30am - woke up, got washed and dressed. headed up for breakfast, bleary eyed and hungry.

9:30am - suitably caffeinated, i get down to work. finish off the rest of my independent work and submit it, then start working on my list of learning objectives again. i use these when i revise, alongside the recommended reading - accompanied by multiple cups of strong tea.

12:00pm - lunch! roast pork - not quite the same as home though :( a proper roast is definitely something i'm looking forward to having when i go home!

1:30pm - get back to work. finally finish off my learning objectives and reading lists. go and print off everything i'll need (lecture handouts and worksheets) for the next week, from the communal printer in one of the study rooms.

5:00pm - was about to have a shower when the fire alarm goes off. grrr. this must be the sixth fire alarm we've had so far, including two in the same night!

5:20pm - get back in from the freezing cold, jump in the shower. terrified that it will go off again, i make it a very fast shower! get changed into my PJs and blow dry my hair.

6:00pm - dinner time! Heinz chicken and dumpling stew, and a roll. pretty much the same meal as last night, but hey, i'm a creature of habit. hung about for a while afterwards to catch up with some friends.

7:00pm - sat in a friend's room, watched A Very Potter Musical on youtube, and then Breaking Dawn part 1. we like movies and procrastination. no wine or hot chocolate this time though - just rich tea biscuits!

11:30pm - writing this blog post, then will pack my bag for tomorrow, and go to bed.

and that, friends, is what happened to me this week :)

now - i need suggestions for posts you would like to see! comment below please :)

until next time,

Eliza xxx

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