Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A Week in the Life of a First Year Medical Student - Wednesday

ohhh hello! fancy seeing you there - here's what i did today:

7:30am - wake up, get washed and dressed.

hurriedly dash around my room trying to clean it as the cleaner comes today and she always tells me off for having a messy room!

wander off for breakfast with lots of strong coffee as i stayed up late last night to watch some of the election stuff.

11:00am - first lecture of the day, on cell membranes, continuing where we left off from yesterday. the first bit of med school seems to be pretty bio heavy.

12:00am - tiny break for more coffee, and then straight into our second lecture, also on cell membranes (there's a lot to know!) which finished a tiny bit early so we weren't too late for lunch!

2:00pm - start studying, firstly typing up the two lectures in the morning, and then going over some independent work we were set this week.

5:30pm - dinner time!

7:00pm - sat in a friend's room eating chocolate and chatting about life.

which brings us to...

8:00pm - writing this blog post and intending to study until i feel reasonably exhausted, watch an episode of greys, maybe knit a little and then go to bed.

until tomorrow,

Eliza xxx

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  1. Hi! I love your blog so far! Well done for getting into med school! I'm seeing its a lot of hard work, but sounds brilliant! Good luck with the rest of your studies!