Saturday, 10 November 2012

A Week in the Life of a First Year Medical Student - Saturday

i've debated all week long whether or not to carry this on onto the weekend, but i've decided i shall, as after all, it is part of my week!

11:00am - wake up, get washed and dressed. overslept, but on saturdays, sleep is way more important than breakfast!

make a cup of tea and eat a cookie in place of breakfast.

catch up on the news, gossip from the night before, and write a to do list for today.

12:00pm - lunch! man i love sweet potato fries :)

1:00pm - start working - catch up on writing up lecture notes, find out what reading i have to do for the next week, sort out revision schedule for the next couple of days as i have a formative exam on tuesday.

4:00pm - my halls of residence is going carolling this year, so i went to our first practice today! was rather fun, sang 'o come all ye faithful' which is one of my favourite carols

5:00pm - went to mass (normally would go with a friend but she went home for the weekend) - i take comfort in my faith, it's quite a personal thing for me - i like to be able to have that release from the rest of my life to take a break and go to mass, even sing a few hymns.

stop by tesco on the way back to pick up some stuff for dinner as we have to cook for ourselves on the weekends for dinner, and to buy some more instant coffee and a pint of milk.

6:30pm - dinner! Heinz beef stew with dumplings, and a roll. pretty typical meal for me to be honest. i love to cook, but there's not much space or much time to make a proper meal.

8:00pm - watch chitty chitty bang bang in a friends room, drinking hot chocolate with mini marshmallows (yes, we watched loads of films this week!) and then just messed around watching random programmes for a while.

12:00am - writing this blog post, contemplating what i will be doing tomorrow, and thinking of going to bed.

not a very productive day today, but ahh well.

until tomorrow,

Eliza xxx


  1. Can you tell us how the formative exam went? And what was it on? :)

  2. hi there! sure - the exam was basically on everything we had learnt in the past few weeks, so it had little bits of anatomy, cell biology, public health medicine etc.
    although it was a formative designed to introduce us to this specific type of examination, meaning it was very short (only an hour) and didn't count towards our final grades.
    i did alright - managed about 30/50, which im fairly pleased with as i hadn't done much work at all.
    further into the exam period i'll probably make a full post explaining the different types of exams we have!