Thursday, 8 November 2012

A Week in the Life of a First Year Medical Student - Thursday

ahhh it's this time of day again! here's what i did today -

7:30am - woke up, got washed and dressed in old clothes as i had dissection today and the smell goes into your clothes and never comes out.

made sure i had printed out all the lecture slides and practical instructions (i hadn't)

8:00am - went up for breakfast, made sure i ate a decent amount so i would have enough energy for the morning ahead.

9:00am - first lecture of the day on public health medicine. found it actually quite interesting, bit too many words for that time of the morning though :P

10:00am - second lecture, on the public's perception and use of the health services. not as interesting as the lecture beforehand, and i didn't have the slides so i had to write everything down by hand.

11:00am - headed to the private study area to print out the notes and the practical instructions. then spent the rest of the time going through the instructions and making sure i had answered their questions so i knew what was going to happen in dissection

12:00pm - dissection - not actually started proper dissection yet, so we were using prosections, on the nervous system and the endocrine system. actually love learning about the brain but got a bit muddled up when it came to the endocrine system (oh dear!)

1:20pm - dissection ran over time, so i had to quickly dash across to my halls and grab a sandwich and some salad for lunch before they cleared everything away. luckily, i received a care package from my parents today, containing cookies and other treats, so lunch wasn't all bad!

2:30pm - had a shower to get the smell of the dissection room out of my hair and put on clean clothes (they keep telling me i'll get used to the smell, but it's been 8 weeks and i still haven't!)

watched random youtube clips and caught up on emails and post until dinner, which was alright but nothing remarkable.

7:00pm - ended up in a friends room watching Mean Girls and eating wine gums. hey - everybody needs to relax sometimes, and its an awesome movie!

9:30pm - writing this blog post, then will do a couple of independent study pieces we were set for this week, handwrite a reply to a letter i received a while back, and then go to bed.

probably one of the more medically sounding days i've had this week - one which you would expect a med student to have, although i have found that my preconceptions of the average day a medical student would have are quite different from the reality!

until tomorrow,

Eliza xxx

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